Tina Evans Showreel 2013

Elements (Live) 

Performed at the Melaka Art and Performance Festival 2011

Tina Evans: Performer+ Choreographer. 2011.

Performer: Tina Evans Film: Sasha Dylan Bell Sound Artist: Anthea Varigos

Elements (Film)

Hybrid-arts film and live performance – Preview

Tina Evans: Performer+ Choreographer. 2011.

Performer: Tina Evans Film: Sasha Dylan Bell Sound Artist: Anthea Varigos  Colour Grade: Marcus Herrick Conceived by Tina Evans + Sasha Dylan Bell

Polarity + Body of Ice

Polarity at Federation Square, Body of Ice at ANU Canberra 2011

Tina Evans: Director, Choreographer + Producer. 2011.

Sound Artist:  Philip SamartzisDancers: Hayley Thompson, Heidi McKerrow, Jeni Sutton, Cara Thomas, Rhiannon Ferris, Cathy Young Lighting Design: Michael Parry Photography: Fred Olivier, Ruth Weilinga, Tina Evans Editor: Sasha Dylan Bell

Im Gone

Music Video for Melbourne Band Graveyard Train

Tina Evans: Performer (Doll). 2012.

Since The River Projections

Projections for band Since The River, screened at live shows 

Tina Evans: Performer. 2012.

Music: Since The River. Projections: Projecta Obscura. Performers: Tina Evans + Adam Bennett.


Presented in Perth and at the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival

Tina Evans: Director, Choreographer, Performer. 2008/9.

Film: Sasha Dylan Bell Soundscape: Tobias Wilkins

Through A Doorway With A Baseball Bat

Tina Evans: ‘Girl In Dark Room’. 2007.

Directed by Sasha Dylan Bell + James Connell

The Bedroom Philosopher Music Video Wow Wow

Tina Evans: Lead Dancer + co-Choreographer. 2008.

Made In Australia

Tina Evans: Choreographer. 2003/4.

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