Polarity: Antarctic Dance

Photo: Lucia Ondrusova

Ice heaves and crumbles its way into your soul (Aussie Theatre)

4 Stars (Arts Hub)

Exquisite. encrypted, compressed, crumbling. Polarity explores the dynamic movement and extreme nature of Antarctic ice. Through moving bodies, raw sounds of Antarctic ice and shifting shapes, polar icescapes dance in the cityscape, reflecting our deep connection to and impact upon the continent of ice.

Polarity was created by Tina Evans upon receiving an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship to travel to Antarctica for creative research.

RECENT PERFORMANCE Tina was invited to the Antarctic Arts and Culture International Festival and Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Tina developed solo work ‘Body of Ice’ exploring her unique solo experience connecting with Antarctic ice and its movement. Her work was very well received and an opportunity to perform in LA at another Antarctic exhibition was sparked. For pictures click here.

Tina Evans in ‘Body of Ice’. Photo: Lucia Ondrusova.

Polarity Gallery: At the 2011 Melbourne Fringe Festival (Click image below)

Polarity Highlights:

Director + Choreographer: Tina Evans Sound Artist:  Philip Samartzis  Dancers: Jeni Sutton, Hayley Thompson, Heidi McKerrow, Cara Thomas, Rhiannon Ferris, Cathy Young Lighting Design: Michael Parry Film: Sasha Dylan Bell

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Body of Ice – Antarctica Festival, Canberra

Short work Body of Ice was invited to and presented at the Antarctica Festival and Conference at the Australian National University, Canberra,  in June 2011:

The Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship

Tina was awarded an Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship in 2010, which is an Australian Government fellowship aiming to enable those especially gifted in communicating through the arts the opportunity to experience Antarctica first-hand so that they may communicate this unique experience and understanding to other Australians. The program aims to nuture the production of excellent and significant works by leading proffesionals and talented emerging artists. For further details please click here.

Tina at Mawson Station

The Experience

Setting sail on the Aurora Australis from Hobart to Antarctica in January and returning in March 2010 and Tina visited Australia’s Davis and Mawson stations. The experience was astounding. It is impossible to describe such an exquisite, powerful and awe inspiring part of the planet. Tina was extremely fortunate to be sent out on an iceberg cruise in a zodiac boat, went on two helicopter flights, spent a night sleeping outside in a bivvy bag near the tiny Platcha Hut (25km away from Davis station), spent a night in a hut at Rumdoodle Mountain and was roped up and lowered into an ice crevasse near Mawson station. Staggeringly spectacular and stimulating!

During the trip Tina collected a wide range of choreographic material, physical and sensory responses, photographs, film and research of Antarctic ice.

Being lowered into crevasse near Mawson

The Creative Process 

Direction and Choreography: Tina Evans Dancers: Jeni Sutton, Hayley Thompson, Rhiannon Ferris, Heidi McKerrow, Leeke Griffin, Cathy Young Still Photography: Fred Olivier, Ruth Weilinga, Tina Evans Editor: Sasha Dylan Bell

Project Support

Special thank you to sponsors and supporters of the project:

Australian Antarctic Division

Adeli Penguins near Davis

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